Our tailored photo tours aim to merge photography, a bit of history and storytelling. Find out interesting and little known facts about the historical context, biodiversity, geology and culture of Croatia. That information will help you look at landscape from different angle (no pun intended) and result with more meaningful and personal photographs. We would like to take you away from the mass tourism spots where the most beautiful and untouched locations are.

Inspiring locations

Be among the first photographers to visit inspiring and unexplored locations.

CO2 neutralizer

We drive along the coast but we don't contribute to global waming.

Giving back

With every tour we make, a part of the profit goes to local comunity.

From iconic locations to the middle of nowhere

Depending on the tour, we will usually start our tours in one of the most iconic locations in the region. This can be Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Rab or some other historic town. From there, we move away from mass tourism to more peaceful picturesque landscape in the backcountry. We will introduce you to the rich history and ancient architecture along with the interesting facts about the inspiring landscape and its origin. We are headed for the shores of unexplored part of the islands, we’ll climb rocky hilltops and roam through 1000 years old little towns and villages. That doesn’t mean that we’ll deprive you of photographing iconic locations like city walls of Dubrovnik, Diocletian palace in Split or Arena amphitheatre in Pula. But there are so many more things to see that we would like to show you.

Make a positive change by doing what you love.

Arena Pula
Modro jezero
Paški kanal, Pag

An amphitheatre in Pula is the sixth largest Roman arena in the World and best preserved one. It’s also one of the rare places where the concerts are held.

Modro jezero is probably one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Dinaric Alps. It lies in over 290m deep sinkhole surrounded by vertical cliffs.

It looks like it fell from one of the Fellini movies. Or another planet. In truth, it is neither, but Pag’s  unique landscape will leave you breathless.

Leave no trace

We’ve gone to great lengths to leave the landscape at least in same, (or hopefully, better) condition than we’ve found it. Thanks to our partners, we have managed to make our tours environmentally friendly by neutralizing carbon emissions. If you are wondering how it’s done, here’s a short explanation. Based on itinerary of each photo tour, it is possible to calculate the carbon footprint we’ll produce and emit into the atmosphere. Therefore, we invest in projects in environmental protection which will absorb that amount of Co2 on a global level. So, at the end, we are happy and the Earth is happy as well. Doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Oh, wait a second, it does!

Giving back

From the early days, photography has always had a history as a tool for a social change. There are lots of places in the world where raising awareness about our environment is necessary and Croatia is no different. We want to do more than raise awareness. We want to make an impact. So, for every group, we will make a donation which will help with environmental protection or in developing local community. Not only will you return with great memories and photographs, but you will also make a positive change in the environment. We strongly believe that photography itself is not enough and photographers should use their influence to raise and develop awareness about beauty and frailty of our pale blue dot. After the tour, we will make specific donations on your behalf, into environmental protection. Each participant will receive a copy of the receipt so you will know where your money went.

What you’ll need & tour specifics

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera,
  • wideangle lens,
  • standard zoom and telephoto lens reaching from 16-200mm,
  • a sturdy tripod, neutral density and graduated ND filters, polarizer

At one point, this tour involves moderate walking on rough paths and steep terrain, not more than two hours. An adequate level of fitness is advisable. Regarding weather, you should be prepared for mostly sunny and dry conditions with temperatures ranging around 20ºC/70ºF. There is, however a possibility of wind. Should we encounter a rainstorm, expect some dramatic clouds afterwards.

The tour is handled through our partner Scrinium Tours.
Scrinium Ltd.
Travel Agency, Zagreb, Croatia
ID KOD:HR-AB-01-080547490



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