"Stay foolish. Stay hungry"- Steve Jobs

A quote might not be the best way to start but it beats What do I think about myself type of headline (that was my plan B). So, in a few words, these are the answers to the questions you didn’t ask. Who am I? Why don’t I turn towards camera? Whats’s the story with Undiscovered Landscapes?

Human being. Curious. Passionate. Fond of most Visual arts. In love with music, cooking, cycling and reading. I believe that most of us are here on Earth to learn and fulfill our potential (as much as we can). Photography is one of the tools love and use in order to achieve that goal.

About Undiscovered Landscapes

This name has been with me for a long time. Literally, there will always be a piece of land somewhere. A piece of land that we haven’t explored. Something beautiful, unspoiled and worth photographing. My intro into photography was through photographing landscapes. To this day, they still represent the part of me through which I connect with nature and my core.

Undiscovered Landscapes is my hommage to beautiful landscapes all around me. As an allegory, a landscape can be much more. An experience. Uncharted travel. A journey. Explorations into parts of me that I haven’t had enough courage to bring to light and parts of me which potential I still haven’t fulfilled. Sounds farfetched? Maybe. But it makes sense to me.

Clients and published photos:

Studio Ana Deg
Design MM Projekt
Themelia Zagreb
Kreativni Krajobrazi
Hrvatske vode
Park prirode Žumberak
Kamp Galeb

Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica
Mitsubishi Motors Croatia
Spin City
Lumen tržišne komunikacije
Top Terme Topusko
ImpactHub Zagreb
Tales of Croatia
POU Velika Gorica
Mario Huljev

National Geographic Hrvatska
Pictures Magazine
Jutarnji list – Dom i Dizajn
Večernji list – Dom i Vrt
Večernji list – Sport
Auto start
Hrvatska Vodoprivreda,
Oris – časopis za arhitekturu
POU Velika Gorica