Landscape, outdoor, travel, architecture photography and storytelling.


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I write about photography, travel and personal growth.

Enhance your work with photography

Jarun iz zraka
Zagreb Penthouse
Kajak Tomislav Lepan





Science tells us that majority of information we receive through our eyes. This explains perfectly the rise of the visual media in popular culture. A well-made photograph can tell a story by itself and it can strengthen the message in the article. It is the first thing a reader sees and a photograph has the power to either encourage or repel him from reading the text. That said, my field of work covers several disciplines.

Landscapes – human beings draw their roots from nature. Biologically, historically, emotionally and spiritually, our existence is tied to nature (even though we spend the most of our time without the clear view of the sky). Landscape photographs straighten this connection, they remind us on our roots and have a positive effect on our emotional well being. And they also look great in a form of a print in our home.

From the air – photographs taken from the plane, helicopter or nowadays a drone, give a fresh perspective on our world. Everything from planning a route, getting a licence and communicating with a pilot is being arranged in a transparent manner.

Architecture – instead of using a documentary approach, I want to emphasise the feeling of the space. Using different photography techniques, I focus on the elements and lines which architect or interior designer wanted to highlight. This approach is closer to a way a human eye sees the world.

Storytelling – probably the most powerful way to say something. It is also the most natural way people learn things. I cover various topics which include photography, travel and personal growth.

About visual style

I devote a lot of attention to every detail which affects the making of the photograph. Photographs you see here were as close representation of the scene as I saw it. I will not add colours or other elements which didn’t exist in the scene. My goal is to accentuate the qualities of my subject and to that, I am using visual language. (You can find more information on visual language here and here.)